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I’m in two minds right now in that I don’t want anything to happen (although that’ll probably just strengthen my point in a minute), but if something does happen, I hope no-one is hurt. But watching the news now – with the evacuation of the embassies across North Africa by the US, and now the UK in Yemen¬†in response to a terror threat¬†– I just can’t help but just not believe what our two governments are saying.

Weeks after the big spying scandal broke on both sides of the Atlantic with the revelation of PRISM (NSA) and Tempora (GCHQ) we’re suddenly being told that these big dragnets have picked up on conversations and intelligence between Al-Qaeda operatives about specific attacks and motives. For ten years they couldn’t find Bin Laden, and now all of a sudden they have detailed information about some plans that they just announce across all the news channels for everyone to know.

To me, and from my gut, this just smacks of one big lie. A justification to the future that what they have done in the past is for the good of the country/countries. Why didn’t they keep quiet, source the attackers, arrest or kill them, take their guns and bombs and trucks and bases, like they’ve done (apparently) so many other times?

Like I said I hope in a way nothing happens now or at least no-one gets hurts. But am I the only one who feels this way: Are we now being manipulated in preparation for the inevitable debate that’s due on the near total invasion of privacy in the name of “national security”? Or is my cynicism for our “leaders” just reached a new level of paranoia?

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