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boybu and screen naming

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I’ve long been a fan of screen, and more recently byobu as a means to provide a quick and easy-to-use interface on the top of it. Rather than large selections of terminal windows open, I have one big one now, and inside I’m connected to 10-40 servers at a time. The ‘tabs’ are named and […]

Distribution is not Murder with MCollective

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I work as a Systems Administrator for a UK-based major music streaming website and we pride ourselves on our ability to grow efficiently and make extensive use of open-source tools and programs whenever possible. We’re growing fast and although we haven’t reached the ceiling, some of the tools we used are tweaked versions of the […]

Subversion Repository with Apache & PAM

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As part of the building of my new server (and also something to bring together a number of different things I’ve been working on recently) I wanted something to provide a semi-backup alongside revision control, so should I delete something or make a mistake I can restore it from a previous point (whatever that may […]

Synergy Between Computers

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I’m used to working with two screens, having had a multi-monitor setup for about two years now, but a few days ago I was given a nice SSD-based Mac Mini (although I say nice, it’s nothing about the OSX I’m forced to use) to do some testing and development work on. Although that’s nice, having […]