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Net Neutrality: I’m For & Against

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Net Neutrality┬áhas become almost a battle ground in the States; the FCC is trying to take more control over the web and the relationship between ISPs and their customers, while the ISPs themselves are more interested in seeing if they can charge at both ends of the pipe. Through all of this, both sides are […]

Pseudo-Surround Sound for DCPs

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As part of the steps I went through to get a working DCP (which I’ll fully detail in a later post) was the attempt to get sound working. My initial plan was to just use just two channels for stereo (or use a 2.0 set-up), but this didn’t seam to work when I first played […]

From Bristol to Derby…

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I have the (to the unaware, un-due) honour of spending four days in meetings in Derby this week (with my living and working in Bristol). Thankfully the company I work for offered me two choices: I could either drive up each day and claim all mileage, or book a room and stay there for three […]

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