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Forced Downloads via Proxy

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Was presented with a challenge today to see if someone can create a way to get a remote user to download an image from a third-party server when you don’t have access to the files. Although a little bit of a cop-out, I came up with the idea of proxying through Apache and trying to […]

Whats Going On

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Please take the time to watch this video and spread the word. Seriously. Please. I came across it last night and he made me cry. For just a few short minutes, he opens up his heart and gives us a glimpse of his short life; his pain and his suffering. He’s an inspiration, but he also just […]

Heartbreaking It Gets Better

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I’ve been following this a lot since the news started breaking on Wednesday and it just moves me. I know in the USA there’s a lot of issue with LGBTQ youth in schools (to which almost anyone with power is largely ignoring), but I think this case is even more significant. Not least because it’s […]

Dear Bullies,

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There are people who are white, there are people who are black, there are people who are Latino/a, there are people who are Asian, there are people who are Australian, there are people who are British, there are people who are Icelandic, there are people who are gay, there are people who are straight, there are people who are bisexual, there are people who are lesbian, […]

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