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Facebook Does Not Like (The) Black Cock (Inn)

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Two of my best friends left recently took over one of the oldest and well known pubs in the Caerphilly area: The Black Cock Inn. I’ve been giving them a hand over much of this year helping to build their on-line presence with a new, modern website, and a Facebook page. It’s working, 425 likes and growing. However, Facebook have been getting more restricted with their advertising and right now, we’re pretty much banned from advertising with them. This is my story of trying to get common sense out of them.

Puppet: IP, Netmask & Broadcast

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Working on a firewall configuration I was trying to update the settings to provide more dynamic support for preventing logging of broadcast address traffic. Although facter gives you the IP Address and Netmask of an interface, it doesn’t give the broadcast address.

Fuel Crisis is all about GDP

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It’s been interesting to see the mountain that is the #FuelCrisis build out of a mole-hill. What was just a vote to position themselves for a strike, should the fuel delivery drivers not accept the negotiations on their pay & conditions, has lead to shortages of petrol and diesel across the country when there was no reason for it.

Git, CruiseControl & Origin Pull

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Although still heavily using Subversion for much of our source repository handling, some of our development team at the company I work for have requested to use Git instead using our internal repositories. Unfortunately, it’s integration within CruiseControl is a little bit more difficult and not as simple as it is with SVN.

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