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Well, I’ve been left with no confidence that there’s anyone at First Great Western’s Lost Property department who knows what their doing. Ignoring that fact its an Indian call centre for the moment, I don’t think they understand, nor care for, me; I’m just getting the run-around.

  1. First, the Duty Manager at Cardiff: Call British Transport Police. They’re Arriva, it’s a different company and not their problem.
  2. Called British Transport Police: Nothing they can do. Call the train company.
  3. Called First Great Western: Call British Transport Police (and this was from their Lost Property department).
  4. Called British Transport Police: They at least did a lost report and gave me a reference.
  5. Called First Great Western¬†back in annoyance. Nothing they can do really. The person who took my bag in needs to take it into a ‘First Great Western’ station and then if they do it before ‘eighteen-hundred-hours’ it’ll get sent to some depo somewhere ‘next working day’ and put ‘onto their system’.

In theory, I can call them ‘in a few days’ and it may be there. It may not be. They don’t want my details. They don’t want any information about what was lost (despite some of it having my name on it and being quite distinctive). You know, you could then call me to say you’ve received it?

No. I have to call them back in a few days and ask them if they have a small black bag in lost property.

You know what First Great Western, I hope you lost every franchise you ever go for again. I can understand the lines have been left with no investment for far too long and are full to capacity, and some rail issues are beyond your control. But when you can’t even be bothered to get this one thing right that you can control (and it’s quite important to those of us that are affect by it) you can’t even claim to offer a service.

I just hope there’s some decency and the person who’s taken my bag is honest and returns it to First Great Western so I can try to get it back. In any respect, I have no confidence that even if it is given to them that they can actually put their ‘policy’ into place and somehow reconnect me with it.

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