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The @UKHomeOffice is not ‘protecting’ “the public”. It’s protecting it’s own self interests having been caught exposed with nowhere to hide. Laws are being abused, and we have laws now with next to no balance. I’m actually quite shocked at some of the wording of the laws that have been passed in the last 10 years. I do try to keep myself quite aware with what’s going on around me, but I cannot read every law (nor do I have the talent or experience to understand half of it in relation to case history), but there’s certainly been an element on hiding some aspects for the benefit of the Government here.

But beyond this, we now have people screaming “Guilty!” at those who dared expose this when they have had no trial and in the eyes of the majority believe are innocent. Not that they can get a fair trial as the laws have been written in such as way as there can be no defence of whistle-blowing when it comes to national secrets, regardless of public interest or even illegal activity.

We now have actual intimidation in broad daylight: Government agents went into the Guardian offices and destroyed their hard-drives because they believed they could destroy the copies of the information they possess. Not to mention the issues with #Miranda on Sunday and the total abuse of statues there.

Not just that, but the likes of Groklaw (public legal news website which provided help and assistance with open source projects and legal guidance) and Lavabit (secure email services) are shutting because they can no longer offer privacy to their clients or customers.

It’s been about 6 weeks since the NSA/Tempora disclosure and things are starting to move at quite a pace and in quite a scary direction. I know the series Continuum started off on a vague premise of a utopian/dystopian future with no privacy, corporate control and no self governance or representation, but that’s closer than it looks. Theirs is 60 years in the future. It would be here in 6 at the current rate.

The next 2-3 months will be interesting, even riveting at times, but if what Edward #Snowden comes to bear, they could also be quite scary. This country, maybe even the world, will not be the same come 2014 as it was at the start of 2013.

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