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boybu and screen naming

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I’ve long been a fan of screen, and more recently byobu as a means to provide a quick and easy-to-use interface on the top of it. Rather than large selections of terminal windows open, I have one big one now, and inside I’m connected to 10-40 servers at a time. The ‘tabs’ are named and […]

Puppet: IP, Netmask & Broadcast

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Working on a firewall configuration I was trying to update the settings to provide more dynamic support for preventing logging of broadcast address traffic. Although facter gives you the IP Address and Netmask of an interface, it doesn’t give the broadcast address.

Git, CruiseControl & Origin Pull

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Although still heavily using Subversion for much of our source repository handling, some of our development team at the company I work for have requested to use Git instead using our internal repositories.¬†Unfortunately, it’s integration within CruiseControl is a little bit more difficult and not as simple as it is with SVN.

Forced Downloads via Proxy

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Was presented with a challenge today to see if someone can create a way to get a remote user to download an image from a third-party server when you don’t have access to the files. Although a little bit of a cop-out, I came up with the idea of proxying through Apache and trying to […]

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