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Dell Streak’s Battery Life (Update)

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Yesterday I managed to complate a full day with the Dell Streak on it’s battery – starting out at about half-eight before finally plugging it back in at just before midnight: A solid 15 or so hours of use. Much better than the four hours I managed to get on Friday on the way to […]

The Dell Streak (First Thoughts…)

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This week I signed up with O2 for the new Dell Streak: The new mini-tablet (or large Smartphone) based on the Android operating system. I’m not going to make this a long review just yet, as I haven’t really managed to spend enough time with it.

From Bristol to Derby…

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I have the (to the unaware, un-due) honour of spending four days in meetings in Derby this week (with my living and working in Bristol). Thankfully the company I work for offered me two choices: I could either drive up each day and claim all mileage, or book a room and stay there for three […]

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