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Dell & 13″ laptops

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My current laptop is a Dell XPS m1330 model. Coming up to 3 years old, it’s still within it’s warranty period but I’m starting to look around at possible replacements come the new year. I’m not definately going to replace it (I may just extend the warranty for a year or two instead), but I […]

Toy Story 3

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I have just finished previewing¬†Toy Story 3¬†and I was pleasantly surprised; both good and bad. While the Pixar short managed to be a little bit of a disappointment, I’m so happy to say that this was not the case for the film! Pixar films have a long tradition of including a small short at the […]

4G Networks: Let’s Work Together

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Today saw the tentative announcement for the auctioning of frequencies for fourth-generational (4G) networks in the UK. Possibly incredibly lucrative for the Government with countless billions plunged into the last round (although probably not on the same scale this time), there’s a big opportunity available here for the wider public. Currently, each company bought one […]

Not So High & Mightly Definition

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I was watching the F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone over the weekend, or at least lightly as it was in the background while I was working away, and on came a forward for the broadcast of the World Cup Final later. I must admit, I wasn’t really paying attention at the time, but the first […]

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