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Fuel Crisis is all about GDP

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It’s been interesting to see the mountain that is the #FuelCrisis build out of a mole-hill. What was just a vote to position themselves for a strike, should the fuel delivery drivers not accept the negotiations on their pay & conditions, has lead to shortages of petrol and diesel across the country when there was no reason for it.

The Burning of the Koran

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Canceling the burning of the Koran was probably the worst thing Terry Jones could have done today. With such emphasis originally on free speach in an effort to demonstrate the ingress made by Islam in many ‘Christian’ countries, to cancel it after the steps made by the Muslims now means that it cannot be interpreted as […]

Oxford Speed Cameras Back

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I’ve been keeping my eye on this topic over the last few days as for the first 48 hours or so, nothing other than ‘deaths and serious injuries on the roads had increased‘ had been released. However, an updated article from earlier on, just as the initial heat and interest around this started to die […]

Disgusted: ‘Victim’ May Sue the Fire Service

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I saw this on TV while I was at the gym about a week ago and it just make me SO angry. Although I’ve calmed down a little since then, I still cannot believe the nerve of Babjide Osobu and feel compelled to write this.

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