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BSkyB Takeover by Rupert Murdoch

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I’m not happy about this one bit. It may be a capitulation by our government as a Tory thank you for supporting them to a partial election victory, but I don’t believe it will have the effect anything think it will. Sky News is a loss-making exercise, and Mr. Murdoch has already pledged a long-term subsidised contract […]

Possible Anti-Gay Views from an Irish Politician…

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I have no problems with free speech and the right for anyone to say anything they want, even if it greatly offends me (like this article on Lucinda Creighton from Pink News); by the virtue of free speech it gives me the opportunity to comment back, now. But there’s just one issue I have with this […]

Toy Story 3

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I have just finished previewing Toy Story 3 and I was pleasantly surprised; both good and bad. While the Pixar short managed to be a little bit of a disappointment, I’m so happy to say that this was not the case for the film! Pixar films have a long tradition of including a small short at the […]

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