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Dell Streak & Android 2.1

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I had the opportunity (as did many others) over the last few days to download and install the new Android 2.1 update released by Dell & O2. On the whole the process was painless: download, run, wait, and reboot. In all about 30 minutes (over a WiFi connection).

Dell & 13″ laptops

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My current laptop is a Dell XPS m1330 model. Coming up to 3 years old, it’s still within it’s warranty period but I’m starting to look around at possible replacements come the new year. I’m not definately going to replace it (I may just extend the warranty for a year or two instead), but I […]

Dell Streak’s Battery Life (Update)

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Yesterday I managed to complate a full day with the Dell Streak on it’s battery – starting out at about half-eight before finally plugging it back in at just before midnight: A solid 15 or so hours of use. Much better than the four hours I managed to get on Friday on the way to […]

The Dell Streak (First Thoughts…)

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This week I signed up with O2 for the new Dell Streak: The new mini-tablet (or large Smartphone) based on the Android operating system. I’m not going to make this a long review just yet, as I haven’t really managed to spend enough time with it.