Linux Server Wrangler (Middle-Weight Class) /w touch of DevOps. Ex-Projectionist, Geek, Android Abuser & Gravely Gay! ;) Opinions noted here are mine, all mine!


Born in the early eighties, I have spend much of the last 20 years or so working (or at least playing) with computers, and technology in general.

Throughout School & Sixth Form, computers were a passion, but no formal education was available at the time, so A-Levels consisted of MathsPhysicsChemistry & Electronics.

My first full education around computers can from Cardiff University where I took (and received) and BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Science. However, I never really found it to be that good or useful a degree (I’m a technician, not a scientist).

Throughout much of my time at University, I worked Part-Time in a local Cinema and having briefly left it to finish my University course, I returned to what I know and love. Up until recently, I was a Senior Manager and Projectionist at one of the most prestigious Cinemas in Bristol and had worked at many different Cinemas across the country due to my experience and knowledge.

But, I’ve left that all behind; towards the end of 2010 I received a chance to work full-time doing exactly what I love – as a Systems Administrator, working with computers and servers (specifically Linux-based) for one of the UK’s largest Music-streaming websites. Something I defiantly couldn’t say no to!

Throughout my years, I have experience in working with GentooCentOSUbuntu & the Debian distributions and can happily program away in BashPerl & PHP along with a little Java (although I’m quite rusty at that). At the moment, I’m also learning Ruby as part of my work with Puppet and MCollective within the company.

I’ve also spent many years running my own Company on the side providing Linux-based web hosting services, all in partnership with friends I met at University. However, this has since been sold on.

Today I’m settling in Oxford and just enjoying my time, my friends, and life in general.